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Every website developed by A WebMaker is subject to strict quality guidelines that must be satisfied before any "handover" to the client. This ensures the finished site meets all the required accessibility, usability, design, and technical "best practice" that we strive for.

Our "Point Checklist" is detailed below.

Proposal Compliance

Did we satisfy the website specification as detailed in the agreed proposal?
Standards Compliance

Did we validate the (X)HTML code using W3C Markup Validation Service?

Did we validate the CSS code using W3C CSS Validation Service?
Browser Compatibility

Did we check the website in the latest versions of at least IE 9, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari?

Did we add the ALT attribute to all images?

Did we add the longdesc attributes images that need a description?

Did we make the size of your pages (including all images) less then 50KB?

Did we choose the appropriate file type for your images?

Did we use plain text instead of images for important content and navigation?

Did we use a sans-serif typeface with a decent font size for your body text?

Did we use percentages instead of pixels to size the text?

Did we create enough contrast between the text and the background?

Did we make your website accessible for text-only browsers?

Did we include a print stylesheet?

Did we (if requested) proofread your content and SEO the copy?

Did we make sure that all your links work?

Did we include your main navigation on every page?

Did we use no more then 8 items in your primary navigation?

Did we use self explanatory link text instead of 'click here'?

Did we make a distinction between links and plain text?

Did we add the TITLE attribute to all your links?

Did we use breadcrumbs if you have a large amount of pages?

Did we include a search option if you have a large amount of pages?

Did we make your logo link to your homepage?

Did we make a skip to content link at the top of your pages?

Did we make it possible to browse your website using TAB and RETURN?

Did we add links to your "legals" in the footer of the website?

Did we make a consistent page structure?

Did we avoid using tables for layout?

Did we place your logo at the top left?

Did we (if suitable) place an explanatory tag line next to your logo?

Did we make the website viewable at low resolutions?

Did we include custom metatags (including page Title) for all your pages?

Did we make a friendly 'thank you' page with a confirmation email?

Did we tell the user what to expect after clicking the submit button?

Did we place an asterisk when a field is compulsory?

Did we keep the standard look of input fields that is generated by the browser?

Did we create a logical order of asking information?

Did we use double input fields for passwords only?

Did we make sure that users can fill in the entire form using the TAB key?

Did we use the LABEL tag?

Did we use the FIELD SET and LEGEND entities when appropriate?

Did we check if your forms also work with javascript turned off?


Did we make sure that essential information/navigation is not made in Flash?

Did we make sure that music and video clips don't start playing automatically?

Did we make sure that music and video clips can be turned off at any time?

Did we inform the user about the size and length of your music and video clips?

Extra features

Did we make an RSS feed? (for news items)

Did we make sure that there are no frames on your website?

Did we make sure that there are no pop ups on your website?

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