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A WebMaker can do the payment gateway integration with your shopping cart so that you can easily process credit/debit cards on your website. All you need to do is let us know which service you are using and we will do the rest of the work. Our programmers are familiar with most popular payment gateways and their APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). You will not be required to do any coding, as we can handle the complete payment gateway integration process.

We can integrate your e-store with any payment gateway that you have chosen. Here are some of the gateways that we have worked with before

we specialize in all kind of payment gateway integrations like:- paypal, verisign, cc avenue.

We also integrate many National and International Bank’s Payment Gateway API in many sites.

A WebMaker will deliver a custom payment integration solution that will allow you to accept online payments from your customers using any payment gateway that you wish. Our pre-made scalable, portable scripts allow us to deliver this service in a variety of scripting languages like .Asp, .Php, .Html, .NET and ColdFusion.

The basic steps of an online payment transaction using a payment gateway system include the following:

The customer places an order online by selecting items from your Web site and sending you a list. Your site often replies with an order summary of the items, their price, a total, and an order number.
The customer sends the order, including payment data, to you. The payment information is usually encrypted by an SSL pipeline set up between the customer's Web browser and your Web server's SSL certificate (i.e. Equifax).
Your e-commerce site requests payment authorization from the payment gateway, which routes the request to banks and payment processors. Authorization is a request to charge a cardholder, and must be settled for the cardholder's account to be charged. This ensures that the payment is approved by the issuer, and guarantees that you will be paid.
You confirm the order and supply the goods or services to the customer.
You then request payment, sending the request to the payment gateway, which handles the payment processing with the processor.
Transactions are settled, or routed by the acquiring bank to your acquiring bank for deposit.


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